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This post is the one-stop shop for information on the publication of Meyer, Stephen C. 2004. The origin of biological information and the higher taxonomic categories. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 117(2):213-239.

The following are links to material available online concerning the Meyer 2004b paper.

Background for the discussion:

The Chronology:

2004/08/24: Meyer's Hopeless Monster
The initial critique (and first public notice of the paper) by Gishlick, Matzke, and Elsberry.
2004/08/25: IDist Stephen Meyer in peer-reviewed journal
Thread on ARN discussion board.
2004/08/26: Discovery Institute Center for Science and Culture
Initially offered a PDF of Meyer 2004b. The link went down within hours.
2004/08/26: Internet Infidels Thread on ID conference
Shows Richard von Sternberg as an ID advocate going to Finland to plug ID
2004/08/27: Meyer: Cambrian Explosion and CSI?
by Pim van Meurs.
2004/08/27: Discovery Institute Center for Science and Culture
Offered an HTML version of Meyer 2004b along with a statement saying that Meyer would be responding to the Gishlick et al. critique.
2004/08/27: ID in the spotlight?
NCSE news item on publication of Meyer 2004b and the PT critique.
2004/08/28: Thread on AE Discussion Board
Notice of the DI offers of Meyer 2004b
2004/08/29: Meyer v Gilbert
by Pim van Meurs.
2004/08/30: Discovery Institute Center for Science and Culture
Offers the HTML text of Meyer 2004b. No longer mentions PT or Meyer making any response to criticism.
2004/08/30: UPI article on Meyer 2004b
Briefly recounts the publication of Meyer 2004b, primarily based on the NCSE news item.
2004/08/31: Icons of ID: No preCambrian ancestors
by Pim van Meurs.
2004/09/03: The Scientist
Trevor Stokes' article on the publication of Meyer 2004b.
2004/09/03: More on Meyer
NCSE news item providing an update on developments concerning Meyer 2004b.
2004/09/03: Discovery Institute Center for Science and Culture
DI CSC Press release on The Scientist's report on Meyer's peer-reviewed journal article. The DI CSC links to the story about the Meyer article in the The Scientist, complains of "hand-wringing and complaining from Darwinian activists unhappy with the paper's publication," (no mention of the PT critique) and portrays The Scientist article as confirming the peer-review of the article: "the Proceedings editor confirmed that the article had been subjected to the standard peer-review process." No mention that "the editor" is Sternberg, a guy with long-time ID/creationist ties.
2004/09/04: More On Meyer
by Tim Sandefur.
PT "After the Bar Closes" Discussion Board Thread
More answers to criticisms of the critique of Meyer 2004b.
2004/09/06: Creationist Stephen Meyer in peer-reviewed article
Thread on ARN discussion board.
2004/09/07: BSW repudiates Meyer
NCSE news item on a statement from the Council of the Biological Society of Washington on Meyer 2004b.
2004/09/08: Peer-reviewed paper defends theory of intelligent design
News item in Nature about Meyer 2004b, the DI response to criticism, and mention of the PT critique.
2004/09/08: Meyer 2004 and Deja Vu All Over Again
by Wesley R. Elsberry. This article demonstrates how over a third of the Meyer 2004b paper comes from a previously published source.
2004/09/09: Of Panda's and Peers: Critiquing the Critics of Intelligent Design
Joe Carter's response to the MHM critique of Meyer 2004b.
2004/09/10: The Chronicle of Higher Education
by Richard Monastersky.
2004/09/10: Microdissecting Meyer
Paul Z. Myers rips apart one paragraph from Meyer 2004b.
2004/09/13: UPI article on BSW repudiation of Meyer 2004b
Brief news item.
2004/09/13: CSICOP Doubt and About
by Chris Mooney. Recounts a similar tale from the field of climate science plus Meyer 2004b. Links to both the "Meyer's Hopeless Monster" and the "Meyer 2004 and Deja Vu All Over Again" articles here at PT. Interesting coincidence on the titles, too.
2004/09/14: Rael Press File
Press release from the Raelians citing Meyer 2004b as vindication of "intelligent design" as science. The Raelians, for those coming late to the program, are atheists who believe that life on earth was seeded and guided by benevolent extraterrestrials.
Panicked Evolutionists: The Stephen Meyer Controversy, by R. Albert Mohler. The same old stuff, including repeating the DI CSC falsehood that there has been no critique of the scientific issues raised by Meyer.
2004/09/16: Richard v. Sternberg Home Page
Richard v. Sternberg tells his version of events leading to the publication of Meyer 2004b.
2004/09/20: Rael Press File
The Raelians encourage the teaching of both "intelligent design" and evolution in schools.
2004/09/21: Discovery Institute Center for Science and Culture
Meyer responds to errors in Chronicle of Higher Education article, by Stephen C. Meyer. Meyer claims that other ID work is "peer-reviewed" and that his paper is within the scope of topics of PBSW. (The BSW Council obviously has no idea what it is talking about when it asserts otherwise.)
2004/09/21: web log
Post by Denyse O'Leary claiming that reading PT is like watching centuries of civilization go down the drain.
2004/09/23: Access Research Network
The Weekly Wedge Update, by Mark Hartwig. Hartwig spends the entire article in meta-discussion about the peer-review process for Meyer 2004b and no time whatever addressing the "scientific issues" or, for that matter, the Gishlick et al. critique of Meyer 2004b.
2004/09/23: Meyer: Recycling Arguments.
Pim van Meurs tracks text across several iterations of Stephen C. Meyer's publications.
2004/09/24: American Association for the Advancement of Science
"Intelligent Design and Peer Review" page mentioning Meyer 2004b and the "Meyer's Hopeless Monster" critique.
2004/09/28: Discovery Institute Center for Science and Culture
Well-known ID author "Staff" provides the first line of response to the MHM criticism. In short, "Staff" says we're bluffing. Actual content is supposed to follow in further installments. "Don't touch that dial..." (The byline has changed from "Staff" to the grander "Fellows of the Center for Science & Culture". Who knows what else will change with commentary in response...)
2004/09/30: Deja vu again. Again.
Nick Matzke examines other examples of Meyer's recycling arguments and his statements on peer-review.

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