Lies for Youth

What really bugs me about creationists is that often they seem to be unconstrained by any respect for honesty. It's more than presenting a different side to a story; it's flagrant misrepresentation of the position of evolutionary biology, coupled to self-serving praise for their own unsupported position. There's a creationist site that carries prevarication to an extreme, called "Truth for Youth", which peddles online comic books that have unbelievably dishonest distortions of the facts about abortion, homosexuality, and of course, evolution. I've dissected their "Truth About Evolution" comic book, but man, the others are ripe for a good flaying.

The "Truth for Youth" stuff exemplifies the "Lying for Jesus" strategy of too many creationists. I should think Christians would be ashamed and appalled at this dishonest propaganda skulking under the banner of their faith.