The Return of Onyate Man

You can’t keep a good hominid down! Not even if he’s had his legs chewed off by an Allosaurus.

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Dinosaur Swallows Human? Posted by bibleland on Friday, December 24 @ 08:59:14 EST (1405 reads) Thank you for your patience and without further delay Bibleland Studios presents The Photos as promised of what appears to be a fossil of a Dinosaur Swallowing a Human. Do these photos provide the necessary evidence that dinosaurs and humans coexisted in our recent ancient past? From our latest poll many of you believe humans and dinosaurs did coexist. But just because we believe it does that make it so? Bibleland Studios is interested in objective; naked, pure unadulterated truth no matter where it leads. Do you believe as I do that the desire to know where we came from beats in the breast of everyman, woman and child? Did we come from an ape-like creature or a beautiful pair created in innocent splendor? Let’s find out.

How I acquired these photos …

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