Ed Larson online interview

An interesting interview with Ed Larson at the Washington Post. The Cobb decision, ID and the history of creationism, etc., are discussed.

An example of something that is not well-enough noticed by the media:

Many Christians accept the theory of evolution, seeing it as God’s means of creation. Catholic schools typically teach the theory of evolution in biology classes, as do many other Christian schools. Indeed, many conservative evangelical Christians fully accept theistic evolution. For these people, the important point typically is to distinguish between scientific theories of physical origins and religious concepts of the human and divine soul. The judge in the Cobb County decision assumes this point when he repeatedly identifies those opposed to teaching evolution in public schools as “Christian Fundamentalists and creationists.” Is is a sub-set of all Christians. Indeed, belief or disbelief in the theory of evolution divides the Christian church – which helps to explain why it is such a major issue for some Christians. This is as much a dispute among Christians as between science and religion.