Mek we celebrate Darwin in a Jamaican stylee!

Someone stole my idea.

In celebration of Darwin Day, someone has set the Origin of Species to Dub, a kind of music related to Reggae. No, really.

This new artistic endeavor is the creation of the Genomic Dub Collective, a group which aims to “create a new musical genre… that celebrates recent successes in the field of genomics and evolutionary biology.” Why someone didn’t think of this before, I’ll never know. The group draws talent from a Microbial Genomicist and a Jamaican scientist of some sort.

Each track is named after or takes inspiration from a chapter of the Origin, and you get two bonus tracks, the Dobzhansky Dance Trance and Ras Darwin. (For all you Sheriff John Browns, Ras refers to Erasmus Darwin, Chuck’s grandfather.)

You can listen to some samples here, or you can order the entire thing for £3.99 (about the price of a dime bag). These chaps are just trying to recoup their costs, so don’t kill the seed before it grows.