Science teachers! Here's your chance to speak out on talk radio!

I have a request from Benjamin Temchine, a producer with the program Your Call on KALW in the bay area—it's a daily political affairs and cultural call-in show. He is looking for teachers who are facing increasing difficulties in teaching evolution in the way they feel is scientifically justified, and would like to interview you live on the program on Monday, 7 February, at 10-11 AM PT, 1-2 PM ET. If you are interested in being interviewed, call him at (415) 516-5971.

The rest of us can also call in and give our opinions during the show at (866) 798-TALK, and listen in via the KALW RealAudio stream. Except for me, darn it. That hour is right in the middle of my lecture, and I think I'll be talking about codominance and blood antigens at that time.