Tangled Bank #22

The Tangled Bank

The 22nd edition of the Tangled Bank is now up and ready for reading!

There was one unfortunate problem this time around. It seems that gmail decided that this bozo (umm, me) who was constantly forwarding links to Selva must be some kind of spammer, and started filtering me out. A small heap of recent submissions got thrown into the junk mail pile, so if you sent something in and it isn't there, don't worry, it wasn't that anyone thought you weren't worthy…it was gmail deciding that I wasn't worthy.

Anyway, they have all been recovered. What I think I'll do is put them into a special post this weekend, a kind of temporary tributary of the Tangled Bank, so you'll actually get two collections of science posts this week. Hooray!

New submissions should be sent to grrlscientist@yahoo.com, me, or host@tangledbank.net, for appearance at Living the Scientific Life on 9 March.

9 March is my birthday, by the way, and if anyone wants to get me something special, a link to a lovely science article on the web would be just perfect!