Brief Update on Kansas

Between keeping up with my personal life/day job and with the flurry of events here in Kansas, I’ve had little time to reflect and inform here at the Panda’s Thumb. If you are interested, the best place to do some reading is at the KCFS Update forum, where we archive our KCFS Updates. See particularly:

  1. KCFS Update 2-20-05 here, where we discuss committee chairperson Steve Case’s response to the BOE’s first proposal to have an extended “debate” concenring the ID creationist’s minority draft,

  2. KCFS Update 3-2-05 here, second article for a news story about how the BOE changed things to a written essay exchange,

  3. KCFS Update 3-5-05 here for a position paper by KCFS president Harry McDonald on the whole review process fiasco, and

  4. KCFS Update 3-5-05 Steve Case response here for Steve Case’s response to the written essay idea.

In general, all players on the pro-science are not playing. The BOE subcommittee meets next Monday to reach a final decision on how they are going to proceed, and the full BOE meets Tuesday and Wednesday. Stay tuned for more exciting events, and watch the KCFS forum site for KCFS Updates. Go here if you would like to personally subscribe to the KCFS Update.