My Visit to the Anderson Lab

I am excited to be posting my adventures to the Panda’s Thumb. I would like to thank Reed for introducing me. Last week I got to visit him at the Wyatt W. Anderson Lab at the University of Georgia.

The Anderson lab works with Drosophila pseudoobscura and related species. I got to spend time with D. hydei, which is in a different species group than D. pseudoobscura.

This is a picture of me in the population cage hanging out with the flies. Some flew in my mouth, and they didn’t taste like bamboo.

While I was in the cage hanging out with the flies, I collected a few to look at under the microscope.

The Anderson lab taught me how to sex Drosophila under the microscope by looking for the sex combs that the males have on their forelegs.

After the day was over, Reed let me borrow his workstation to check out my favorite website and to finish up a review paper for Z. Mtf. (Zeitschrift fuer Marionettetierforschung).

With my trip to the Anderson Lab complete, I am off to find more academic adventure.