Coalition for Quality Science in Kansas announced

This morning four Kansas organizations, including Kansas Citizens for Science, announced the formation of a coalition in support of the state science standards committee’s work and opposing the kangaroo court hearings in May. The coalition released a position paper which states in part:

We urge all Kansans to join us in adopting the following positions:

  1. We request that the State Board of Education adopt the final draft of the standards offered later this spring by the writing committee, without revisions.

  2. We request that the State Board of Education cancel all special opportunities for the Intelligent Design minority to present their views. We especially urge the Board to cancel the so-called “science hearings” scheduled in May. The minority proposals were considered and rejected by a two-thirds majority of the science standards writing committee. The BOE should accept that and give the minority group no further special privileges.

See the KCFS News Forum to read both today’s News Release and the Position Paper.