Dembski comments on his career

Dembski presented a series of lectures at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2003.

Arguing that declaring support for ID in science ends one’s career (one very sharp fellow working in ID is waiting until he gets tenure), Dembski makes the following remark:

Dembski wrote:

In my case my cards have been on the table, my career is ruined so (laughter) it doesn’t matter at this point but eh I say just what I want in this regard but it’s a real problem.

It seems particularly ironic to me that Dembski, who considers his scientific career to be ruined, has joined the Southern Seminary faculty to focus on theology

Dembski wrote:

‘Theology is where my ultimate passion is and I think that is where I can uniquely contribute … “

Dembski is not shy about his motivations either

Dembski wrote:

‘This is really an opportunity,” Dembski added, “to mobilize a new generation of scholars and pastors not just to equip the saints but also to engage the culture and reclaim it for Christ. That’s really what is driving me.

Indeed… Combine this with the scientific vacuity of Intelligent Design and it should not come as much of a surprise that Dembski has chosen to pursue the true nature of Intelligent Design.