Excellent editorial in support of the Kansas boycott

The Wichita Eagle had an excellent editorial today in support of the boycott of the Kansas state BOE’s upcoming kangaroo court meant to showcase Intelligent Design. (See here for a list of the Intelligent Design illuminati being invited at tax-payer expense)

Here is the editorial in its entirety – it’s short, powerful, and to the point. ‘Nuff said, as they say.

You might consider sending author Randy Scholfield, writing for the Eagle editorial board, a note of appreciation, or writing a letter to the editor in support of the Eagle’s opinion. See here for contact information.

Evolution hearings rejected by scientists

The nation’s scientific community has weighed in on the Kansas Board of Education’s efforts to put Darwin on trial.

They’re boycotting en masse.

This resounding rejection of the hearings speaks volumes about how the mainstream scientific community sees the Kansas evolution “controversy.”

It has no credibility.

In recent weeks, the Kansas Department of Education staff has failed to find any scientists in Kansas or the nation who want to legitimize the upcoming May hearings with their presence.

Not one of Kansas’ six major universities has agreed to send scientists.

Not one of the nation’s top science organizations has responded to the request.

For the vast majority of scientists, the “controversy” about the legitimacy of evolutionary theory simply doesn’t exist.

For them, evolution is a cornerstone of modern science in several fields, and its validity and usefulness is beyond dispute.

And the small number of intelligent design backers who want a forum have not begun to do the real work needed to challenge that consensus.

Predictably, BOE chairman Steve Abrams, one of three creationists who would preside over the hearings, suggested that the refusal meant the scientific community was incapable of defending evolution.

“It’s almost like they’re saying, ‘We can’t defend what’s put out there, so we’re not going to participate,’” Mr. Abrams said.

Well, no. It’s almost like they’re saying, “This rigged forum, with a predetermined outcome, has no credibility whatsoever in the scientific community. So what’s the point?”

Baiting scientists won’t get them to appear. Because as they rightly perceive, the hearings are a political effort to legitimize ID by parading a small number of “experts” before the public.

The board majority has announced a list of those ID witnesses, and while many have academic Ph.D.s, what they lack is telling: significant publications on ID in major science journals and mainstream conferences.

Some of them, such as lawyer John Calvert, aren’t even scientists.

What scientists see is a monkey trial. What Kansans should see is a waste of time and money and, once again, a train wreck for the state’s image.

From http://www.kansas.com/mld/kansas/news/editorial/11368773.htm