Dembski's Defense

In <a href=>this post</a> from Monday I discussed William Dembski's egregious misuse of a quotation from paleontologist Peter Ward.

Given the facts I presented, it seemed beyond all question that Dembski had basically lied about the point Ward was making in his book. Nonetheless, I was curious to see what sort of defense Dembski would offer for his behavior.

Now I know. Dembski's response is available <a href=>here</a>. Rather than respond to the simple facts of the situation, Dembski preferred instead to dismiss them as “irrelevant details.”

Following up on Gary Hurd's <a href=>comments</a> below, I have posted <a href=>some additional thoughts</a> on the subject over at EvolutionBlog.

Only a diehard ID fanatic could possibly continue to take Dembski seriously after following this exchange. Dembski's blatant dishonesty and breathtaking arrogance have seldom been on clearer display. If there are any ID proponents with consciences reading this, I'd be curious to know if you still want anything to do with this guy.