Teach the uhh... our controversy

As reported by Reed Cartwright, the strict comment policy of IC blog sites and other websites, is ‘explained’ by Jay Richard by claiming that

the ID contributors ruled out comments because the debate about intelligent design often becomes malicious. “We would have one post and 30 comments that are vitriolic,” he said.

Of course, without much supporting evidence, such preemptive measures seem hard to defend or support.

On Corante we hear from Ernest Miller, whose trackbacks and comments were summarily deleted by William Dembski.

Personally, I have found that ID blogs tend to be quick to delete comments which bring out the flaws in the ID arguments.

For a movement which seems to be rally behind the battle cry of “teach the controversy”, they are quick to censor comments which show how this ‘controversy’ is more about the scientific vacuity of intelligent design and the theologically risks involved.

Perhaps it’s time for ID to not just ‘talk the talk’ but also ‘walk the walk’ but given the scientific vacuity and theological risks, it may not be surprising that ID is not ready to allow an open comment policy of their ideas any times soon.