The Jewish voice of reason

Jewish voices of reason have joined in criticizing Intelligent Design. In Jews eye ‘intelligent design’ hearings

“It doesn’t seem to me that intelligent design theory really lives up to scientific standards. Having said that, I don’t think science is the ultimate explanation of our world. Science is an elaborate conceptual game, but it’s not the only game.” “I believe in intelligent design,” said Rabbi Mark Levin of the Reform Congregation Beth Torah. “But it isn’t science; it’s theology.” The rabbi said he believes in a divine intelligence behind the creation of the world and its natural laws. And yet he sees the attempt to introduce the notion of “intelligent design” into schools as one that breaches the constitutional principle of separation of church and state. “It is clearly objectionable to teach theology as though it is science,” said Rabbi Levin, “because … it misinforms children and introduces religious faith into the public school system under the guise of science.”

The local Jewish perspective on this topic extends nationally as well.

Judy Hellman, special projects coordinator of the Jewish Community Relations Bureau/American Jewish Committee, said the local agency follows the AJCommittee’s national position on the issue.

Although some Jews are still confused by the concept of evolutionary science and claim that it issimilar to teaching atheism. Nadler, unfamiliar perhaps with the scientific evidence states

Advancements in the field of genetics, he said, are leading to the conclusion that man “did not descend from the Neanderthal or the great ape.”

Nadler also argues:

Nadler waved away any concern by Jewish parents that their children might be taught a Christian-inflected view of creation in future Kansas science classrooms. “I’m a private-school advocate,” he said. “If you are concerned that Jewish kids are going to be educated in non-Jewish ways, send them to a Jewish school.”

Hear hear. If you want your children to be taught intelligent design, send them to an appropriate religiously oriented private school.