Fumble in the endzone

Denyse O’Leary wrote:

As far as I am concerned, American Darwinists are as dumb as a bag of hammers. Or, as we say here in Toronto, Canada, “smart like streetcars.” By assailing the Smithsonian in droves over the showing of an inspiring film, which the vast majority of them have NEVER SEEN, which suggests that there is meaning and purpose in the universe (well, hello!), they have managed to create a situation where the Smithsonian must now screen the film for free.

  • Denyse O’Leary, Toronto

ROTFL. This is getting funnier and funnier Denyse. Yes it was those dumb Darwinists who created a controversy by claiming that the Smithsonian Institution was warming up to Intelligent Design, robbing the Discovery Institute of much of the legitimacy and PR of this event and somehow Darwinists are dumb…

The Smithsonian Institution has withdrawn its much coveted co-sponsorship and is returning the money. The Smithsonian Institution, after further reviewing the movie, is dropping its co-sponsorship arguing that “the content [of Privileged Planet] is not consistent with the mission of the Smithsonian Institution”.

All that is left is a private showing of a movie in an Smithsonian museum to a select group.

As far as Denyse’s objection of Darwinists not having seen the movie, Wesley Elsberry has commented

Interestingly, ID advocates daily go about ignoring scientific research or claiming that it doesn’t exist, the vast majority of which they also “have NEVER SEEN”.

Doesn’t seem to give them the least pause, does it?

Unless the movie is reversal of the flawed Privileged Planet arguments, having read the book and the surrounding hype should be enough. Even Denyse admitted that the movie was about ID arguments… Remember…

Read more about why PP is flawed from a scientific perspective, especially, the two presentations by Kyler Kuehn, one of which was presented at American Scientific Affiliation 2003 Annual Meeting.

So perhaps Denyse may help us understand her conclusion that “Darwinism is certainly wrong”, when the vast amount of evidence supports Darwinian theory and there is little or no evidence to suggest that it is wrong?

Could Denyse explain? Or are we ‘Darwinists’ to dumb to understand this

Denyse’s endzone fumble was quite impressive, the subsequent spin however is even more fascinating to watch. Or as Michael Roberts stated

Congratulations to Denyse for scoring an own goal. If she had not hyped up the whole story these so-called Darwinbots never would have known.

[PvM: I apologize for the many spelling errors in this posting. I hope I got most of them addressed. Sigh…]