Lenny Flank, this is for you...

PT commenter Lenny Flank often asks for IDists to present an actual theory of intelligent design. Well Lenny, an exclusive commentary was just posted by Kelly Hollowell (see her website, ScienceMinistries.org) on WorldNet Daily entitled, “Mechanism behind intelligent design uncovered?

Few e-mails have ever stopped me as cold as the one I am about to describe. In it, the author, a former university professor who wishes to remain anonymous, claims to know the actual mechanism behind intelligent design. That is the mechanism by which God created the universe, our world and all biological life within it.

Kelly Hollowell, “Mechanism behind intelligent design uncovered?

With an intro like that, you know it has to be good. Read it here.

(PS: I vote that the anonymous scientist’s email is a hoax. However, it can be extremely difficult to tell. Last night, I wrote in a quick draft, “ScienceMinistries.org is clearly one of those fairly subtle hoax websites, like the Landover Baptists, that exploits the outrageous bogosity of everyday creationism to create a parody almost indistinguishable from reality.” But then this morning I saw Hollowell’s name all over the ScienceMinistries website, and she wouldn’t link to the website unless it was her name being used legitimitely. So ScienceMinistries can’t be a hoax. The only other option is that the whole thing, including the WorldNetDaily article, were a hoax propagated by hackers, which is getting rather elaborate. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.)

(PPS: I do believe, actually, that the mechanism behind intelligent design has been discovered. The mechanism behind intelligent design is wishful thinking.)