Calling all skeptics, science bloggers, and med bloggers

The Tangled Bank

Much to appeal to the scientifically minded is coming up on the weblogs.

First, The thirteenth Skeptics' Circle is available for reading right now at Respectful Insolence. This is the weblog carnival for critical thinking.

Second, the second I and the Bird is up—I'm impressed. It's long. There must be an awful lot of birdwatchers out there, blogging away.

Third, there is another Tangled Bank coming up next Wednesday at evolgen. If you've written anything on science or natural history, send a link to,, or, and we'll make sure to talk about your writing.

Finally, I've managed to volunteer myself to host Grand Rounds next Tuesday. Now you may be thinking to yourself, "Myers is no MD; what are his qualifications to host a collection of posts by real doctors and nurses?" I'll have you know, though, that I am an accomplished neurosurgeon…it's just that all of my patients have been fish and insect embryos, and none of them have ever survived the operation. Keep that in mind as you submit your carefully crafted medblog articles to my caring hands.