Creation Mega Conference 2005!

If you are looking for entertainment this week, I recommend you follow the Answers in Genesis Creation Mega Conference 2005 blog. The conference is starting today, July 17, and is running through July 22 – and it’s Featuring a stunning lineup of the world’s greatest minds in creation apologetics presenting their premier presentations. It looks like they will put some devotions and videos online, but if any Thumb-ites happen to be in the vicinity of Lynchburg, Virginia, and have the courage to attend for a day – you should come prepared to be stunned – we would be glad to post a report.

If anyone is looking for a suggested day, on Wednesday, Dr. Georgia Purdom is doing a talk on The Intelligent Design Movement; How Intelligent Is It?.

Looks like their poetry is almost as good as their science:

Twas’ the Night Before MEGA Conference (Part One)

Twas’ the night before MEGA Conference and all through Liberty, not a creationist was stirring, not even Carl Kerby. The books and DVDs were set out with care in hopes that people would buy them to share.

Anyhoo, if anyone goes, I would like to see if any of the creos attempt to deal with this Listing of Persistent Nuclides by Half-Life from Dalrymple’s The Age of the Earth (this particular table excludes radionuclides that are produced as by-products of decay from other radionuclides).

Listing of Persistent Nuclides by Half-Life
[ From Dalrymple (page 377), also Kenneth Miller (page 71)  ]

Nuclide Half-Life Found in Nature?
50V 6.0 x 1015 yes
144Nd 2.4 x 1015 yes
174Hf 2.0 x 1015 yes
192Pt 1.0 x 1015 yes
115In 6.0 x 1014 yes
152Gd 1.1 x 1014 yes
123Te 1.2 x 1013 yes
190Pt 6.9 x 1011 yes
138La 1.12 x 1011 yes
147Sm 1.06 x 1011 yes
87Rb 4.88 x 1010 yes
187Re 4.3 x 1010 yes
176Lu 3.5 x 1010 yes
232Th 1.40 x 1010 yes
238U 4.47 x 109 yes
40K 1.25 x 109 yes
235U 7.04 x 108 yes
244Pu 8.2 x 107 yes
146Sm 7.0 x 107 no
205Pb 3.0 x 107 no
247Cm 1.6 x 107 no
182Hf 9 x 106 no
107Pd 7 x 106 no
135Cs 3.0 x 106 no
97Tc 2.6 x 106 no
150Gd 2.1 x 106 no
93Zr 1.5 x 106 no
98Tc 1.5 x 106 no
154Dy 1.0 x 106 no