Burning Question: Should intelligent design be taught in science class?

The Seattle Post Intelligencer has an opinion piece where it asks the following burning question:

Chapman and company acknowledge that intelligent design is underdeveloped as a testable scientific theory. Nevertheless, they believe their ideas deserve inclusion in science curricula. A number of states already have opted for just such a requirement. Soon, we all may be facing this Burning Question:

Should intelligent design be part of science education?

The PI does not mince any words to point out that which is so obvious to any observer, christians and non-christians alike namely that ID is all about God and little about science. But the genie has been let out of the bottle and the DI has lost control over its own “Wedge” and the cracks are starting to show, surprisingly not as much in Darwinian theory as amongst ID creationists.

Now that the media has been alerted to Intelligent Design, more and more Christians and non-Christians will have to make a choice. Good science or poor religion.

Bruce Chapman has long been one of the smartest guys in Seattle.

As president of the Seattle-based Discovery Institute, Chapman is at the forefront of a nationwide push to topple a materialistic interpretation of human existence and reaffirm the idea that, behind all physical reality, all nature and science, there works an unseen hand and an omnipresent mind – aka God.