Cerritos profs weigh in on intelligent design

Diona Carrillo reports on four Cerritos College science instructors who are bravely standing up against intelligent design.

“Intelligent design is a philosophy, it is not a theory, it’s not a scientific theory, it’s not even a scientific hypothesis; it’s a belief,” Constance Boardman, biology instructor said.

The instructors have realized that ID is nothing more than a gap theory

An emphasis on weaknesses or “holes” and gaps in evolution, is the heart of the intelligent-design movement.

And they point out how being a Christian and a scientist who accepts evolutionary theory are not contradictory

“Many people believe that one cannot be a both a scientist and a Christian. I always get questions from my students about how I can subscribe to the theory of evolution and still be a Christian. Science and religion are not mutually exclusive – they are simply two ways of looking at how the world works. One is not better than the other; they’re just different. I think it would truly astonish the general public if they knew how many scientists do hold religious beliefs,” Bellas said.