Intelligent Design in the news

Leon Satterfield descibes in The president and ‘intelligent design’ a goofy id(ea):

Leon Satterfield wrote:

What a goofy idea President Bush had earlier this month when he said that public schools should teach both “intelligent design” and evolution, as if they were academically equal.

The president apparently doesn’t know — or more likely doesn’t care because he can sniff out votes from halfway across the country — that evolution is a scientific notion and that intelligent design is a religious belief and therefore has no place in our secular public schools. He also apparently doesn’t know — or more likely doesn’t care — that we were founded as a secular nation. No national church, no religious creeds we had to pretend to subscribe to.

From the Christian Century editorial page we read that

In an effort to be religiously neutral, ID proponents do not explicitly identify the designer as God, but the theological implications of their work are unmistakable. So the movement deserves theological comment and critique

First, ID operates with a “God in the gaps” approach to science. That which is left unexplained by science is attributed to divine work. The problem with this approach, as modern thinkers have repeatedly found, is that as science shrinks the size of the gaps, God becomes less and less relevant.

In other words, ID is poor science and reduces God to hide in the gaps of our ignorance (poor theology).

Seems that the media, including the Christian media, has figured out that the ‘emperor has no clothes’