Road Trip to Visit AiG

As a long time creationist watcher, and frankly bored of sitting in front of my computer practically 24/7 here in Whitehall, Montana, I decided to take a road trip to Post Falls, Idaho to play with my new Canon 350D digital camera and see if Answers in Genesis is any less ridiculous then the last time I saw one of their hacks in person.

To answer the latter, no, they are not. But the rental car lady gave me this kick ass ‘05 Mustang, so the drive up, diverted by the fires in this part of the state, was a real blast. Beautiful scenery through Lolo National Forest, and then into Idaho showed some stunning geological formations. And every time I stopped for a photo I found the ‘stang did killer burnouts getting back onto the road.

Joe Bob Briggs says, ‘Check it out!’

Skip Evans

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