ID's minor success

It seems that ID proponents are at least mildly successful in coaching ID supporters in what to say and not to say and when to say it…

Tim Borseth wrote:

Well, my arm was twisted. Rather than working hard on campus ministry stuff, I was coerced into writting a letter to the editor of the D.M. Register regarding the Intelligent Design debate. It went through a major revision after Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez himself advised me multiple times as to what to say and what not to say.

At least he puts an end to the myth that Gonzalez was somehow singled out

Tim Borseth wrote:

I have personally interacted with 15 professors at Iowa State who seriously doubt Darwinism and have offered their assistance in helping college students work through the role of faith in science. Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez is by no means alone.