Intelligent design vs. gay marriage

Intelligent design vs. gay marriage by Fred Hutchison, a RenewAmerica analyst.

It get’s only worse but I found the following quote of particular interest

Intelligent design

The idea that man has an innate nature flows naturally into the idea that there must be a design behind that nature. If man is designed, marriage must also be designed. Homosexuality is contrary to that design. This is an essential point that conservatives must make in the debate about gay marriage.

If we are designed, there must be a Great Designer behind the design. The argument that man has a designed nature is also an argument for a Creator. The argument that man has no innate nature is also an argument against a Creator. At the root of the culture war is a conflict between theism and atheism

If one had any doubt as to the nature of the Intelligent Designer

The mission of conservatives at this point in history is to develop a life-style, philosophy, and worldview of intelligent design. Every issue in the culture war hinges upon the question of whether man has an innate nature and whether that nature has a design from the Creator.

Individual lives and families committed to their true nature and destiny is the foundation for the renewal of the community, the culture, and the nation. Communities of design can win the culture war, with God’s help, and steer America towards her glorious destiny as planned in the counsels of eternity.

There you have it… I do shudder at the logical fallacies of this article but it may help one understand how some people ‘think’ and I reluctantly use this word.

I also wonder about ‘innate nature’ and it not being explainable by natural processes.

We have an innate nature precisely because our nature is designed by a supreme being. If we are not the product of design, we cannot have an innate nature.

But what if we are the product of design but our (immediate) designer are purely natural processes such as evolutionary processes? Claiming that we have an innate nature because we are designed by a supreme being is begging the question.

People have an innate nature. Evolutionary psychology seeks to discover that nature, and to work out why it is that way. We have an innate nature, because we have inherited genes from our most successful ancestors. The instincts and emotions which people of the past had, affected their success in surviving and breeding. We are the descendants of the people who both survived and bred.