Midgley Steps in it Again

You might recognize philosopher Mary Midgley as the author [of this egregiously bad](http://www.royalinstitutephilosophy.org/articles/midgley_gene_juggling.htm) review, published in the journal _Philosophy_ in 1979, of Richard Dawkins' book _The Selfish Gene_. In the course of her lengthy review, Midgley managed to misunderstand and misrepresent virtually every aspect of Dawkins' argument. Dawkins subsequently refuted her arguments in [this devastating reply.](http://www.royalinstitutephilosophy.org/articles/dawkins_genes.htm) In fairness, Midgley subsequently apologized for her intemperate tone [here](http://www.royalinstitutephilosophy.org/articles/midgley_genes.htm).

Well, it seems that Dawkins still has the ability to literally drive Midgley crazy. In response to [this recent op-ed](http://www.guardian.co.uk/life/feature/story/0,,1559743,00.html), co-authored by Dawkins and Jerry Coyne in the British newspaper _The Guardian_, Midgley wrote a remarkably misinformed letter to the editor. Click [here](http://www.guardian.co.uk/letters/story/0,,1563242,00.html) (hers is the first letter). I analyze the situation [in this post](http://evolutionblog.blogspot.com/2005/09/midgley-steps-in-it-again.html) over at [EvolutionBlog.](http://evolutionblog.blogspot.com)