Who is minding the store?

Who made the watch?

Is intelligent design threatening to dethrone evolution as the leading theory of origins?

More and more scientists are buying into the theory of intelligent design. This includes scientists in physics, astronomy, molecular biology and genetics. These scholars have reached a conclusion from their research and the overwhelming volume of evidence that the complexities, structure and laws of the physical universe all point to “intelligent design” as the source. But here’s the big problem - intelligent design means there must be a designer. This can only lead to the logical conclusion that God, the Designer, exists.


The web article quoted above is from a site supported by Campus Crusade for Christ. It is worth note not because it contained any new points, quite the opposite. Indeed, the claim that “More and more scientists are buying into the theory of intelligent design.” is false. This has been called “The Longest Running Falsehood in Creationism,” and for good reason. And, of course one must ask, How many are named “Steve?”

It does present what must be a clear and growing problem for Intelligent Design Creationism which tries to deny its religious basis in hopes of inveigling a way into America’s public schools. That problem is of course that the popularity of IDC has run ahead of the scripted denial of Judeo/Christian beliefs that are the actual core of IDC. As delineated in Pim’s recent PT post, the mainstream media, and one expects the US Federal Courts, have become aware that the notion of a secular theory of intelligent design is merely a tattered fig leaf.