Area clergy make room for evolution with the divine

Link Sunday, October 02, 2005 BY MARY WARNER Of The Patriot-News

Darwin and God seem irreconcilable to many Americans. That’s why evolution remains a flashpoint in public schools.

Many others see no conflict, though. And that reconciliation has been a subtext of a closely watched federal trial in Harrisburg about teaching evolution.

“Faith and reason are not only compatible. They are complementary,” testified Ken Miller, a biologist who took the stand to affirm Charles Darwin’s theory as established science.

The article continues to explain why religious faith has nothing to fear from Darwinian theory and presents an excellent overview of some prevailing opinions. People familiar with ASA may recognize Ted Davis. He commented

Ted Davis wrote:

Ted Davis, professor of the history of science and director of the Center for Science and Religion, Messiah College: “As a Christian, I believe that God, the wise and powerful creator of the universe, cared enough about the creation to dwell among us, setting aside power to suffer for our redemption. The modern scientific picture of the world is not only compatible with my faith, it actually enhances my faith.