Matthew and Me

I am at Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School Board supporting the plaintiffs with my unique expertise. As the holder of the B. Amboo Chair in Creatoinformatics at the University of Ediacara, I was invited to attend an “evolution is stupid” seminar at Dover Fire Station 6. The seminar was mainly an infomercial for Mr. Kent Hovind’s DVDs.

The lone bright spot was that I was able to meet Matthew Chapman, the great-great-great-great-grandson of my idol, Josiah Wedgewood. (Oh, yeah–I almost forgot–he is also related to Charles Darwin.)

I ended up chatting with Chapman, my good buddy Burt Humburg, and some reporters, but they didn’t allow me to say much.

Matthew Chapman and Prof. Steve Steve

Update: USA Today managed to identify my colleague, Dr. Patricia Princehouse, but they seem to have forgotten my name, referring to me only as “a panda puppet.” What is journalism coming to these days?