PT Lauded by Scientific American

Since no one else has done it, on behalf of my colleagues here I’ll immodestly draw attention to Scientific American’s selection of Panda’s Thumb for one of its 25 “Science & Technology Web Awards 2005”.

If it’s in the media and related to evolution, you’ll find it posted, dissected and debated on this lively and informative watchdog blog. Devoted to debunking all existing and nascent theories related to the anti-evolution movement, the site’s contributors comprise a passel of the world’s most vigilant and passionate biologists, geneticists, students and concerned citizens, for whom stemming the tide of creationism and its offshoots is a fulltime job. The general public can join the fray in the “After the Bar Closes” forum, where political, religious and personal evolutionary arguments are given a full dressing-down by the site’s rowdy, articulate devotees.

The Loom, where Carl Zimmer holds forth on the biological sciences with clarity and erudition, was also selected along with 23 other excellent science and technology sites in whose company we’re honored to find ourselves. Go read ‘em all!