Dembski's Lack of Intellectual Honesty

It has now been 5 days since I posted absolute, undeniable proof that Dembski’s claims concerning why Jeff Shallit didn’t testify at the Dover trial were false. That proof was in the form of a motion filed by the defense and Judge Jones’ ruling on that motion, which proves incontrovertibly that Dembski’s claim that Shallit was pulled from testifying because his deposition was an “embarrassment” to the ACLU is false. In point of fact, it was the defense who went to great lengths to keep Shallit from testifying. I finished that post with the following statement:

So we have now conclusively demonstrated that Dembski’s assertion that Jeff Shallit was kept off the witness stand because his deposition was “an embarrassment” to our side is false. The only question that remains is whether the odds of Dembski admitting he was wrong are above or below his “universal probability boundary” of 1 in 10^150.

In the 5 days since that was posted, Dembski has written 18 separate posts on his blog, the same blog where he made his false claim in the first place. At least one of those posts refers directly to something written about him on the Panda’s Thumb, so it’s unlikely that he just didn’t see it. Indeed, he often refers to things written on PT, so we know that he reads it regularly. As of now, there is still no admission that he was wrong. Is this the behavior of an intellectually honest person or is it the behavior of someone out to smear another scholar and then pretend, even in the face of undeniable proof that his smear was unfounded, that he was never contradicted? I leave that to objective readers to decide on their own.

P.S. While we’re at it, I’ll make predictions on how he’ll respond to this post. He will either A) ignore it; B) make a tu quoque argument pointing the finger at someone on the evolution side for the same thing, whether justified or not; or C) he’ll insult me. No one offered to take a bet on his first response even with odds of 1 in 10^150 on their side. I doubt anyone will here either.