I hate to divert attention from the fascinating serious discussion (for the most part) taking place in response to my last post, The fundamental (and wrong) religious argument of the IDists in Kansas, but you all really should take a look at the new website KansasMorons.com. (Motto: “Welcome to Kansas, please set your watch back 100 years.”)

For a start, read the first page of the “Kansas Teachers Guide to Intelligent Design”, a parody of a introductory letter by Kansas state Board member Connie Morris.

Here’s the text, but you really need to download the real thing to get the full flavor of this:

Dear Kansas Teahching Proffsional,

As you probibally had already herd, The Kansas Bored of Edukation has recently voted to teach alternatives to the Theory of Evoluition. As I have said before publicly, Evoluion is an “age-old fairytale”, as opposed to Intellgient Design, which is based on faith, bible scripture, and other non-fairytales.

We are also happy to announce that, in our finite wisdom, we have also decided to redefine the word “Science” to include the comptemplation of supernatural explanations for natural phenomenon. I am so excited!

Although this will now allow Kansas Science teachers to teach Witchcraft, Satanism, VooDoo Worship, and Advanced Flat-Earth Theory, right along with our right-wing Christian views of science, we feel that we owe it to our students who would otherwise only be exposed to boring old logical and rational ways of thinking.

With that, I am happy to present to you a copy of the new “Intelligent Design Teachers Guide”. Please use it to stimulate conversation, but also feel free to branch out and encourage your students to invent intelligent design theories of their own. This learning package was also supposed to include a Ouija Board, candles, incense, and a Magic 8 Ball, but the budget wouldn’t permit it. If I’m re-elected and not ousted by some fancy “book-learnin’ elitest, sexular-humanest”, I plege to get you those things, God willing.

We hope you make the most of this material, and support our crusade to destroy the pubic edukiton system, and to keep Kansas the laughing stock of the Nation.


Connie Morris

(By the way, lest you think this parody is excessive, compare this to a real newsletter Connie sent out this June)

The Lawrence Journal World interviewed me the day KansasMorons was unleashed upon the world:

“Boy, somebody’s been hard at work,” said Jack Krebs, president of the Kansas Citizens for Science, a group opposed to adding intelligent design to the state’s science standards.

Krebs, a math teacher at Oskaloosa High School, said he didn’t know who was behind the site.

“Different people respond to ridiculous situations in different ways,” Krebs said. “For some it’s indignant outrage, for others it’s humor — the only thing left to do is laugh at it.”

Krebs compared the site to Comedy Central’s television program “The Daily Show.” Both, he said, show “it’s easier to swallow the news with a dose of humor than it is to just swallow the news.”

So visit KansasMorons, peruse the site, and have a good laugh or two.

P.S. The site says that donations in excessive of what it takes to maintain the site will be sent to Kansas Citizens for Science and the Kansas Science Teachers Association.