More Kitzmiller documents available

Since I don’t think I posted this before, all of the PDFs of the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial are now available on NCSE’s website – in searchable, error-free form, which was not previously the case. See also the TalkOrigins HTML version of the transcripts, complete with graphics, links, and HTML anchors for each question (just click on the “Q”).

In case you were wondering, variations on the word “flagellum” appeared 385 times during the trial. I was about to suggest that this count beats the total of all previous usages of the word “flagellum” in all trials, anywhere in history, but then I remembered the original meaning of “flagellum”, which is the latin term for “whip.”

(Rumor has it that immune system fans were disappointed that their favorite “irreducible complex” system only got 145 mentions. Then again, only the plaintiffs seemed to enjoy talking about the immune system…)

Also, the United States District Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania has just posted all of the Proposed Findings of Fact from the Defense and Plaintiffs on their website.