AMA Op-Ed: living in "loopy times," and what medical professionals can do

Though I’m not an MD myself, much of my research and my reading centers on medical issues, while another passion (as regular readers certainly must have noticed) is the “controversy” over evolution, and educating the public about the issues involved with that. So, in a nice convergence of these two topics, the American Medical Association has published an Op-Ed on the topic of evolution denial (with quotes from PT-ers Burt Humburg and Glenn Branch as an added bonus).

I'm afraid we live in loopy times. How else to account for the latest entries in America's culture wars: science museum docents donning combat gloves against rival fundamentalist tour groups and evolution on trial in a Pennsylvania federal court. For those keeping score, so far this year it's Monkeys: 0, Monkey Business: 82. That's 82 evolution versus creationism debates in school boards or towns nationwide---this year alone.

The most important part of his piece, IMO, addresses the role of the medical community in this “controversy:”

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