Kudos to the NCSE

There is an interesting Article on the winning attorneys of the Kitzmiller case, Eric Rothschild and Stephen Harvey.

Rothschild said what he was proudest of throughout this whole trial was his cross-examination of defense expert Michael Behe, a professor at Lehigh University and proponent of intelligent design.

Rothschild said he knew what he was talking about when he moved to the witness stand, and he owes that to the National Center for Science Education, which thoroughly explained intelligent design to the plaintiffs team.

As to the issue of Intelligent Design not being science, the attorneys raise this interesting argument

Rothschild and Harvey were quick to jump to the judge’s defense.

“Both sides really asked this judge to decide whether intelligent design was science or religion,” Rothschild said.

“He did not reach out,” Harvey said. “The parties put that in front of him.”

I argued that the Discovery Institute by arguing that the Judge should not rule on the status of Intelligent Design as a science while also arguing that because Intelligent Design is scientific, its primary purpose is not religious, almost begged the judge to rule on this issue.

The actions of the Discovery Institute in this trial may have been instrumental in the final ruling.

And the victorious lawyers seem to be ready for a next round

Rothschild and Harvey said they feel connected to this controversy and will not stop their involvement with it now that the case is over.

“It’s not the last you’ve heard from me and Steve on this,” Rothschild said.