Mirecki beating

We have no new information on the beating of Paul Mirecki, the Kansas University professor who offered a controversial course mocking Intelligent Design creationism. We will post more as soon as more solid information is available.

For now, all we've got to go on are the reports from the Lawrence Journal-World and Channel 6 News.

Some of the weblogs commenting on the event so far are Red State Rabble, Thoughts from Kansas, Pharyngula, Alun, The Sixth International, Expert Opinion, and Abnormal Interests. I'm sure any new developments will be discussed there as well, and you might want to keep an eye on the first two in particular, both Kansas blogs, as likely to announce anything new. Comments on this article will be turned off here at the Panda's Thumb until we've got something more than a few second-hand reports to go on.

The evolution/creation dispute in Turkey has long been characterized by threats and physical violence, and it would be disturbing to see this sort of thing develop in the USA. I'm sure we all agree that whoever perpetrated this crime needs to be brought to justice and handled by the rule of law, and that physical violence against either side of the evolution-creation debate must be discouraged.