Dressing Up ID Is No Substitute for Real Science

In a Press Release at Reasons to Believe (RTB) Dr Ross and Dr Rana comment on the recent ruling against Intelligent Design. RTB has never be a proponent of Intelligent Design, recognizing it for what it really is.

Creation Scientists Applaud PA Judge’s Ruling Against ‘Intelligent Design’-Dressing Up ID Is No Substitute for Real Science

News Advisory, Dec. 20—Proponents of ‘intelligent design’ were dealt a blow when District Judge John E. Jones III ruled that ID was a religious idea with a covert agenda and therefore unconstitutional.

“Leading proponents of ‘intelligent design’ claim that judges and justices are motivated by an anti-Christian bias and a misguided application of the United States Constitution,” says Dr. Hugh Ross, astronomer, founder and president of the science/faith organization, Reasons To Believe. “In the context of scientific credibility, these court judgments against ‘intelligent design’ cannot be construed as the audacious judicial moves many people make them out to be.”

“As currently formulated, ‘intelligent design’ is not science,” says internationally respected biochemist, Dr. Fazale ‘Fuz’ Rana. “It is not testable and does not make predictions about future scientific discoveries.” Dr. Rana is the Vice President for Science Apologetics at Reasons To Believe and a leading expert in origin of life research.