It's (Really, Really) Over in Dover

The final two nails in the coffin of “Intelligent Design” have been set up, and hammered in.

The new Dover board has scrapped the ID policy that started the whole flap, and the complete electoral defeat of pro- ID board members was finalized.

First, this AP Report about the January 3rd, 2006 meeting of new Dover area school board members announces that

Biology teacher Jennifer Miller had refused to read a statement about intelligent design before her lesson on evolution. Now, the policy that led to a landmark lawsuit will no longer be required in her school. The Dover Area School District’s policy of treating the concept as an alternative to evolution was officially relegated to the history books Tuesday night. Newly elected board members unanimously rescinded the policy on a voice vote and with no discussion beforehand. A judge ruled it unconstitutional two weeks earlier.

And there’s one more loose end to tie up - the resolution of new board member Bryan Rehm’s election, which had been contested by pro-ID member James Cashman. The Evening Sun reports that

The lingering crowd at the Dover Area School Board meeting cheered and clapped when Dover science teacher Rob Eshbach spread the word that Bryan Rehm won a seat on the school board.

Someone called Eshbach on a cell phone to say Rehm received 373 votes to James Cashman’s 280 during Tuesday’s special election in Dover Township. When combined with totals from other precincts recorded during the Nov. 8 election, Rehm’s total was 2,591 to Cashman’s 2,523.

Rehm was apprehensive about believing the news at first - considering the first election - but then settled into the idea of some sort of finality.

“I see this as a confirmation of what the original votes were,” he said.