Calling all Brits

UPDATE: I just found out this event has been cancelled at the last minute. So don’t come. I will, however, still be around all week and attending other Darwin Day events until the 11th.

I just wanted to let PT readers across the pond in England know that I am zipping over there for a Darwin Day talk this coming Sunday, February 5th, in Shrewsbury. The details are here, and used to be here but have been dropped for some reason. Actually, I am speaking a week before Darwin Day, and they appear to have a whole series of events planned.

Naturally, I will be talking about the Kitzmiller case and in particular how we discovered the “smoking gun” tying ID to creation science. Following my talk will be a, um, unique musical event (see description).

Shrewsbury appears to be gearing up for a massive DarwinFest in 2009, the 150th anniversiary of the Origin of Species. They are not paying me or anything, but I do get to spend the whole week running around on a Darwin tour recommended by my host Mark Pallen, who among other things is a Type III secretion researcher, bioninformatics specialist, and a Darwin fan so crazed he has set the Origin of Species to a reggae beat. He found out about little old me when he read my Big Flagellum Essay, but that is another story for another time.

So anyway folks, make the talk if you can, or drop me an email ( and we might be able to do a mini-Howlerfest at one of the local bits of Darwiniana.