Teaching the controversy works

Seems that the public and the media are getting educated about the scientific vacuity of Intelligent Design

A few months have passed and, as predicted, a rehashing of Intelligent Design (ID) is underway in the newspapers’ letter pages. This is a technique used by creationists to keep their religious-based ideas in the public limelight; an effort to equate untestable divinity with verifiable fact. Fortunately, there is now an almost universally accepted rational consensus that ID is not real science.

There is a rational consensus that Intelligent Design is not real science

U.S, District Judge John E. Jones III says, “It should not be taught along evolution and biology because it is a religion playing as science.”

To teach the theory of intelligent design would not be fair to the 49 percent of students in an average high school who do not believe in God or in divine creation. Teaching intelligent design in schools is against the Constitution, and it is unfair to students who believe differently.

Intelligent design classes don’t belong in public schools”

Starting next year, high school students will use Florida Holt Biology, a text that doesn’t include the controversial intelligent design concept, which theorizes life could not have come about without help from a higher power.

Teachers find ‘design’ flawed

“Some people might find it surprising that a conservative judge struck down Intelligent Design only months after [President George W.] Bush said that schools should teach the controversy over evolution,” Walczak said. “But Intelligent Design is false science. It’s just a critique on evolution.”

Intelligent Design case lawyer speaks