Same ol', same ol'

Well, tonight I let my macabre sense of fascination with creationism get the better of me, and I skipped the premier of the new Dr. Who on the SciFi channel and went to see the the Dembski lecture over at Berkeley. I should have stayed home. At least Phillip Johnson gets to his point and outrages you enough to get your blood flowing. Dembski just sort of meanders around and issues ultravague utterances about how maybe design did something somewhere, and how we should think this because “Darwinists” can’t list every single mutation that occurred over billions of years, therefore their research program has failed. Yawn. The only good bit was when Dembski put up a flagellum graphic with “liquid cooled” written in big bright letters across it. I wonder how long it will be until the aquariums add this label to the fish species descriptions.

I wasn’t expecting that NCSE would get a bottle of single-malt scotch or anything, but I was hoping at least for some nice juicy ranting and raving about Judge Jones’s opinion and how its rebuttals to the standard ID talking points were all wrong. But apart from a half-hearted jab at Jones and something about how people were trying to “kill” ID there was nothing noteworthy to report that you haven’t heard before – things look designed, Mt. Rushmore, a few quotes from the collection, some clueless rambling about the flagellum…bleah.

Well, at least SciFi is re-broadcasting Dr. Who now, so the evening wasn’t a total loss…