Threats to Judge Jones and "Challenges" Teaser

Via Red State Rabble, we learn that Judge Jones was protected by the US Marshalls back in December, after his _Kitzmiller_Decision pulled back the curtain from ID and identified it for the warmed over creationism that it is. The reason for that protection? Threatening emails he received following his decision about ID creationism.

More details below the fold…

Clearly, there was a lot riding on that trial to intelligent design. People had invested countless hours, for one example, trying to advance ID creationism as some sort of legitimate science or as a reason to “unshackle” science from the requirement that its practicioners must test their hypotheses. ID creationism was their wedge and Judge Jones followed the evidence the only place it could have led: identifying it for the retitled creationism of old that it was.

But Judge Jones received threatening emails. Although the article linked above left open the matter of what exactly were the nature of the threats he was describing, the Marshalls felt sufficiently concerned to provide him protection back in December. Judge Jones said “We’re going to get a judge hurt.”

If it was creationists who stood to lose the most from Judge Jones’ decision, then it’s not too much of a stretch to think that angry creationists were the ones who concerned the US Marshalls so. Was it a creationist to whom Judge Jones referred when he said that someone was going to get a judge hurt? Anyone, on this weekend day so far under the influence of mind-altering substances, as to think it was disgruntled atheist creationists who sent those emails?

Christians sending threatening letters to judges. Christians lying on the witness stand. I’ll have a few more thoughts on this issue, and the topic of misplaced faith and why science is greatly threatened by it, tomorrow. For now, follow the link for the scoop from Pat Hayes.


PS - Tune in tomorrow.