Francisco's Evolving Accusation

Over at the DI blog, Michael Francisco picked up on the Manzari and Cooper article and ran with it, coming dangerously close to crossing the line that separates legitimate criticism from outright defamation. He bluntly accused the school board of knowingly and intentionally making sure that they had to pay $1 million in attorney’s fees. Why would a school board willfully insure that a million dollars was taken out of the budget of the schools their children attend? Well, they wouldn’t, except in the fevered imaginations of demagogues like Francisco, who conveniently ignores the facts, the law and common sense in his attacks. But somewhere along the line, he must have gotten a warning from someone at the DI that he’d better edit his post or they were risking a lawsuit from the board because last night it suddenly contained all these weasel words and phrases missing from the original post. Knowing the tendency of the IDers to try and disappear things down the rabbit hole, I archived the original post and have placed the key accusations side by side.

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