Mims Dishing It Out Fine; Taking It Badly

Forrest M. Mims III is in the news with claims of sinister and monstrous evil revealed in Eric R. Pianka’s talk at the Texas Academy of Sciences (TAS) last month. Mims followed up with two petitions to the TAS against Pianka. As Mims himself reports, though, he was not alone in listening to Pianka’s talk. Kathryn Perez was also in attendance and, shortly after the story broke, related on several weblogs that she did not hear the things Mims claims to have heard. She is putting together a petition of her own for the TAS to discipline Mims, and has been collecting signatures from others who attended the talk.

Perez now is getting email from Mims telling her to cease and desist, claiming defamation of his character.