A call to action in the Journal of Clinical Investigation

It is a recent and welcome development that professional scientific journals are paying increasing attention to issues related to science education and the role of science in society. Just in the last couple of weeks, these topics have been addressed by Liza Gross’s essay in PLoS Biology about scientific literacy and politics, and by our own article about immunology and the Dover trial. Now, the Journal of Clinical Investigation, a highly regarded journal of basic and clinical research in the medical sciences, which had already published an editorial on ID several months ago, once again enters the fray.

The latest JCI issue contains an excellent piece by Attie, Sober and colleagues, which discusses the history and legal vicissitudes of the ID movement, and issues a call to action for those interested in defending good science education. The journal editors explain their motivations for publishing the article here. Both items are available for free - well worth reading.