Nature on Science Blogs

Nature, one of the top journals for scientific research, published an article today about the most popular science blogs. The Panda’s Thumb came out number two, and Jack Krebs was quoted about our success:

Being a group blog is key, says contributor Jack Krebs, president of Kansas Citizens for Science. “We have some of the most well-informed observers and critics of the ‘intelligent design’ and creationist movements.” The nature of the topic helps too, he adds. “There is an interest, a hunger even, for thoughtful analysis of the issues related to evolution and creationism.”

In addition, PT contributor, PZ Myers, found his personal blog, Pharyngula as the most popular science blog.

Over all, six of the top fifty science blogs were personal blogs of PT contributors.

Rank Authorship Blog
1 Paul Myers Pharyngula
2 Group Blog The Panda’s Thumb
7 Tara Smith Aetiology
18 John Lynch Stranger Fruit
21 Jason Rosenhouse EvolutionBlog
26 Mike Dunford The Questionable Authority
30 John Wilkins Evolving Thoughts