Hoveo, Hoveo, wherefore art thou Hoveo?

Since U.S. District Judge Casey Rodgers refused to lift a travel ban on Kent Hovind, I’ve been wondering when the itinerary on his web site would change to list “The Hoosegow” for up-coming events. However, ol’ Doc Dino must still be floating in the ether, because he still lists an appearance in my neck of the woods, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, for October 21.

Coeur d’ Alene is a beautiful lake resort area just a few hours from where I now live in Butte, Montana, so I figured I’d rent one of those kick ass Mustangs again, make another wheel-spinning road trip of it, and sit through another three hours of my favorite criminally insane creationist.

I emailed Compass, the organizers of the event, to ask them if Hovind was still going to appear. Apparently some people are finally getting in touch with reality, even if Kent is not. They told me that since his arrest they “have been scheduling other speakers for Kent Hovind’s sessions at our conferences for the next few months,” and closed with “[o]ur prayers are with him and his ministry!”

Interestingly, it looks like they’ve replaced him with Mike Riddle of Answers in Genesis. Interesting because of the well-known dust-up between Hovind and AiG a while back. (For more information on this “Battle of the Creationist Titans,” see the post at Creation on the Web.)

So while Hovind is benched with his legal problems, and perhaps even ministering from the place Anthony Burgess calls “the stripey hole,” he can’t be too thrilled about being replaced by the cranks who called him a crank.

Final note: Someone here at my office pointed out that my bastardization of Shakespeare is not quite accurate, since “wherefore” actually means “why” in the original text, but I just couldn’t resist the pun.