It's a Hovind-Fest

Today appears to be Hovind-Fest at Dispatches from the Culture Wars. I have two posts there that might be of interest to creationist watchers here at the Panda’s Thumb. The first post is a guest post from Skip Evans that recalls his long history of interaction with the world’s looniest creationist, along with some reminiscing from me as well. The second post contains information on a court ruling in Washington that doesn’t bode well for Hovind’s arguments in court in Florida. A fellow whacko from the Embassy of Heaven church, represented by Glen Stoll, the same attorney that has represented Hovind before, tried to make the same claims Hovind does - the court has no jurisdiction, he’s employed by God, he has no income, etc - as a way of getting out of paying child support. The court smacked down that argument hard.

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