Thanks, Kansas! Now Back to Ohio

The success of the recent election in Kansas, in which pro-science moderates took back control of the State Board of Education, depended in part on the willingness of citizens to get out and work on behalf of pro-science candidates, and in part on having strong pro-science candidates on the ballot. Kansas isn’t the only state that will be electing members of its State Board of Education this fall. Ohio will, too, and people and organizations in Ohio are seeking strong pro-science candidates to oppose the ID creationist members of the Ohio Board.

One such organization is HOPE – Help Ohio Public Education. HOPE is actively talking with potential candidates. For example, HOPE is in discussions with a potential pro-science candidate to run in District 7, in northeastern Ohio. That seat is currrently held by one of the two ID creationist thought leaders on the Oho State BOE, the member who made the original “two modesl” motion to the Ohio Board in 2000, first foreshadowed adding global warming to the list of topics to be “critically analyzed” by Ohio school children, and continues to push trash science.

HOPE has been impressed with how much the potential candidate could contribute to solving problems of school funding, state BOE and DOE governance, and curriculum, specifically including science education. He comes with a strong background on education issues and would be an outstanding member of the state board.

Regardless of whether you’re in or out of Ohio you can help. Contact Ohio newspapers, and in particular write a letter to the editor of the Akron Beacon Journal explaining why we need good candidates for the State BOE. Help HOPE improve Ohio education and do it today. If HOPE can persuade good candidates to run we have a good chance of taking out Ohio’s answer to Connie Morris. Help HOPE get a strong candidate on the ballot this fall. Thanks!