Ken Miller at Kansas

Red State Rabble describes Ken Miller's talk at the University of Kansas the other evening. While I'm sure it endeared him to the fans of Jesus, his call to creationists that they should take potshots at humanists rather than evolutionists basically declares a majority of his colleagues in biology to be the enemy, and as far as I'm concerned, puts him in the creationist camp.

I suspect that my growing dislike of the Ken Miller strategy of embracing superstition is not going to be popular here at the Panda's Thumb, so any comments you want to make will have to be made at Pharyngula.

I've talked with Ken Miller recently, and I retract my accusation that he's taken sides with the creationists. He has been and will be a reliable opponent of bad science. Unfortunately, I think that in this case he is guilty of sowing some confusion with a muddled proposal for changing the terms of the debate.